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Meeting the demand for a high-endurance, low-maintenance sealant
If You Can Build It
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Grolar Sealants is a tested and certified sealer

Our Product

Grolar Sealants™ is a custom coating that combines a unique blend of liquid thermoplastic resin and quartz granules to create a durable, seamless, sanitary, easy to care for, and environmentally friendly sealant. In comparison to existing sealants that lift and peel, Grolar Sealants™ resins create a seamless flooring system that permanently bonds to virtually any surface.

Our floor coating was designed and developed to protect and extend the life of surfaces such as concrete walls and slabs, balconies (wood and concrete), steps (concrete, wood or pre-fabricated steels), patios, etc.

Grolar Sealants Before on Entryway
Front Porch Before
Grolar Sealants After on Entryway
Front Porch After
Grolar Sealants Before on Dog Kennel
Dog Kennel Run Before
Grolar Sealants After on Dog Kennel
Dog Kennel Run After

Grolar Sealants™ coating provides up to 60 mils of seamless protection compared to other coatings that average only 7mils - 11mils. All work is backed by a 5-year warranty (extended warranties available) against lifting, peeling, and wear. We are proud to say that the only reason we return to see our customers is for repeat business.

Get the Grolar Advantage

Great Finish

  • Self-Leveling
  • Seamless Coating
  • Vertical and Horizontal Applications
  • Up to 60 Mils in Depth When Complete
  • 14 Customizable Colors
  • Logo and Custom Graphic Inlays

100% Green

  • Ozone Safe
  • Odor Free
  • No Off-gassing
  • USDA Compliant
  • Antimicrobial Agent Additives

Superior Durability

  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • 100% Solid, Non-Porous Barrier
  • Slip Resistant Surface

Our unique and proprietary thermoplastic resin system delivers a long-term and cost-effective solution for Industrial, Commercial, Government, and Residential clients.

Grolar Sealants™ was developed and founded as a result of over 25 years of construction, restoration, contracting and surface sealing experience. Out of a large demand for a low-maintenance, high-endurance product and years of research Grolar Sealants™ was born.

Check out our Youtube video showing the superior fireproof durability of Grolar Sealants

Creates a Permanent Bond to Virtually Any Surface

Concrete, Wood, Metal, Cinder Block, Tile, Brick, Fiberglass & Asphalt

Stones sealed by Grolar Sealants

Stones Sealed with Different Colors of Grolar Sealants

Wood pieces sealed by Grolar Sealants

Old Rotting Wood Pieces Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Old Water Pump Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Old Water Pump Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Cardboard box sealed with Grolar Sealants

Inside of Cardboard Box Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Half of a Brick Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Half of a Brick Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Piece of Scrap Metal Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Half of a Piece of Scrap Metal Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Plastic Sink Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Plastic Sink Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Thin Piece of Wood Sealed with Grolar Sealanst

Thin Piece of Wood Sealed with Grolar Sealants

Some of our Clients Include:

  • Harley Davidson Logo - Client of Grolar Sealants
  • Elk Run Logo - Client of Grolar Sealants
  • Clarke Construction Logo - Client of Grolar Sealants
  • Toys-R-US Logo - Client of Grolar Sealants
  • Animal General Logo - Client of Grolar Sealants
  • Target Logo - Client of Grolar Sealants
  • Davis Logo - Client of Grolar Sealants


    It is my pleasure to highly recommend Grolar Sealants, as a preferred subcontractor of CBG Building Company. Grolar Sealants has been instrumental in the success of the Maryland Book Exchange multi-family project built in College Park, Maryland (now known as Landmark) by installing their product to alleviate a grade elevation issue in the front of the Target Express™ main entrance. They were responsive to our needs, quality-oriented, and very professional in every aspect of their business. I am proud to say that they are part of my preferred team of subcontractors that help make our projects a success.

    Erik K. Clarke
    Clarke Construction
    College Park, MD

    I am an administrator of a veterinary hospital in the heart of New York City. I came across Grolar Sealant at a vendor's booth and the product looked perfect for the lower level of my hospital where we have many house cats and clean the floor very frequently. The installation of the product went perfectly and not only is the floor attractive to look at, it is easy to clean and does not wear down. It still has a beautiful shine after 5 years. I recommend this product to anyone who requires a durable, easy to clean, nice looking floor.

    Karen Heidgerd
    New York, NY

    This note is to let you know how much we like and have enjoyed your floor coating product. We first used your product on our new 70'x40' garage concrete floor, cmu walls,wood stairs and landing in 2006. I have parked boats, tractors, cars and other vehicles on this floor for as long as 6 months at a time and where some floors leave black tire stains, none are seen with your product. On occasion when I have driven in during rain an "wet" stains become visible all I need to do is wet mop with a little detergent and floor looks like new again. Infrequently, after using and parking my tractor oil or grease will drip on the floor and may not be noticed until the tractor is moved, sometime months later. I clean the grease and the oil by spraying a small amount of WD40 on a rag and it wipes right up, leaving the floor looking spotless again. As mentioned earlier we also used you product on the masonry knee walls. Before using your product we used to get wet looking block from water seeping through. After coating the walls with your product, water has been repelled and none of those stains appear anymore We consider your floor coating product far superior to other products that we have seen for the following reasons. It is more durable, (we have dropped many tractor related items with no adverse effect), it is easier to clean and maintain (using a little detergent and wet mop will have it looking like new), it is not slippery like other floor coating products (being on the water we and our company often walk across the floor with dripping wet bathing suits, not a problem with your floor coating) and another reason we liked your product was the varied selection of choices in colors Most people say that when you like a product you will keep coming back. We must fall in that category, since using your product initially in 2006, we have used your product in our Pennsylvania townhouse garage, and most recently (2012) in our breezeway connecting an addition to the garage that you did in 2006. Our neighbors and other friends all comment on how well the floor looks and where they can get it? As a result, your phone number has been referred to many people, both in Virginia and Pennsylvania. We are happy to provide a reference for your floor coating to anyone. Thanks for a great product,

    Bill & Dorothy Broaddus
    Hershey, PA

    'Gene Thomas and his company have provided flooring in two garages and one pool house. The end result of each project has been fantastic. The flooring is extremely durable. The garage floors have had heavy use with cars, ATV's and motorbikes, as well has several home improvement projects staged from on top of ISS floors. The floors have been undamaged from chemical spills, grit, and numerous cleanings. We could not be more pleased. The floors still shine like new.

    The differentiator of the...' '...product is the seamless end result. In fluid form, the product is spread over cracks in the substrate and adheres to the surface, bridging and filling the cracks and imperfections. The bond of the product has lasted for years under these tough conditions. You are welcome to call me to discuss our experience.'

    James G. Davis
    President & CEO of Davis Construction Corporation